''Competencies & Skills'' career method

This comprehensive set includes 100 competency and skill cards, organized into a 5 Competency Group Model.

This method is designed for use in various HR processes. It is particularly useful for performance development, career guidance, assisting both adults and young people in identifying their strengths, competencies, and skills, as well as pinpointing areas for development.

Additionally to the cards is a detailed instruction booklet included that outlines various methods of application:

🗨 Performance Development Discussions: Identify strengths and development needs, guiding employees towards targeted development
🗺 Career Guidance: Support people in exploring their career paths by understanding their unique skillsets
🎯 Recruitment: Conduct effective competency-based interviews
💡 Team Building: Foster collaboration and identify team strengths through engaging activities
🔎 Workforce Planning: Create a skilled workforce through strategic training and development plans